Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Shenanigans!!!

Here's the cake I made for DDIL's birthday/halloween party. It went down a storm. The inside is a green sponge cake.....suitably disgusting I thought. In the Asda brochure they had used white marzipan but the thought of eating that made my teeth curl up to the top of my head so I used ready roll icing and rolled it over caster sugar which gave a fab texture to the bandages plus a little sparkle.
Thumbs up to Asda for great idea.
The weather spoilt the party a little as it started raining about half an hour before it started and all the food had to be moved inside. It didn't rain for long but enough to wet everything thoroughly so we stayed inside once the kiddies had done the treasure hunt.
A Doodle Pumpkin....just good enough to eat. Oh she did enjoy herself bless her. My costume lasted all of two minutes. Doodle kidnapped my spider necklace and all the spiders from my cobweb apron, my hat blew off walking up the garden. I never saw it again and the cobweb was driving me nuts so that had to come off as well.
Ah well it was a good fun day.

The workroom has been a hive of non activity for the last few days what with birthday shopping and cake making Friday, the party yesterday and food/home shopping today. The desk has been tidied a little and I have sorted out some of the new envelopes and bags but that's it. However Miss Doodle and her entourage are off on holibobs tomorrow so I should get some work done this week......I hope so as I have another wedding stationery order in and some orders for special cards still to finish.

Right.....time for disc three of the new Bones methinks.
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  1. Ooh Sheila your cake looks fab ! Those spiders made me go all goosey (NOT a spider fan!). How cute is Miss Doodle......fabulous costume too ! Sue C x

  2. eek!!! that cake is fab :)
    cute pumpkin too


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