Saturday, 15 October 2011


.......yesterday we did the messy play thing and indeed messy is what it is. We did printing with bubble wrap and paint........well at least that is what we should have been doing but Ruby had other ideas. No paintbrush for her.....straight in with the hands scooping up great globs of paint and rubbing it onto her face, the chair, the table and DD and me.
Activity two was making a squishy picture which involved drawing onto coloured cellophane with marker pens this then went into a plastic bag along with the painted bubble wrap, several colours of paint, glitter, sequins, buttons and cooking oil. My word I thought I could get messy but now I think I am verging on neat freak after seeing that.......hope I don't have to go too often.

Today I had the opportunity to spend the whole day upstairs and what happens........I get an attack of the domestics and shampoo the kitchen carpet and the lounge rug so I ended up with only a couple of hours before I had to come down again to cook tea. I do have some cards that just need finishing off but I'll need to tidy up before I can do anything up there tomorrow.

Law and Order is going on now and I shall be Promarkering some stamped images while I watch it.
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  1. Ooooh Nooooo! I have to be honest and say I hate going to those things with my Littlies Sheila. I'm a right old spoilsport, lol! And heaven help me if I have to play in the sand pit. Aaargh, I have a real aversion to sand and never have liked the beach either. It's a wonder my granddaughters like being with me at all, Ha! Ha!

    Lesley Xx


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