02 November 2011

In A Pickle!!!

Oooh me poor hands.
Today I have chopped three huge red cabbages and prepared and pickled a carrier bag full of beetroot. It's starting to look like a pickle factory in here.....and smell like one!!!
This year's production so far.....
Three large jars plum chutney, three large jars apple, ginger and chilli chutney, two large and one small pickled onions, two huge jars pickled beetrrot and by tomorrow I will add two huge jars of pickled red cabbage.
I'm giving the piccalilli a miss this year but I am  going to have a go at something called Bread and Butter Pickles which I saw HERE They look scrumptious.
My hands were too sore to do any cardmaking this afternoon so I have been sorting ribbons and doing a bit of sorting out of files on the computer and getting my font collection under control.

In a couple of weeks I am going away for the weekend with DS, DDIL and Miss Doodle. They are off to a wedding in Bath and I am going to babysit Ruby while they go to the evening do so I shall have a small amount of free time to wander around by myself while they are all at the ceremony in the daytime. I think we are actually staying in Chippenham so does anyone know of any craft shops I could visit in the area that don't require transport as I don't drive. Or maybe I will travel into Bath with them and wander round there if there are any shops anyone can recommend. I love sewing shops too if there are any of those.

Right.....I am off to rest my weary old bones.
Thanks for your visit.

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