Monday, 28 November 2011

Poppy Mania!!!

Tis true.......I've gone crackers for the poppy stamp.
It's huge and also very easy to cut out.
Used it once again with Cosmo Cricket papers and also one of their self adhesive alphabets. I have hundreds of the blame things so they are getting stuck pretty much anywhere and everywhere.
Border punch is by Martha.

Doodle Bird has not long gone home. She's been very gorgeous all day apart from trying to destroy the Christmas tree and pushing the flap right in on the front of the DVD player....luckily DD did a save on that one.
Have spent a good part of the day going through Doodles new comic In The Night Garden..........what the heck is that all about? I've never seen such a load of drivel in my life. Next time I am out I shall be looking for something a little more normal. The sixty free stickers did keep her amused for a full half an hour though.
Ah well....washing up needs doing and no volunteers so it looks like it's my job as usual.
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  1. I loved the color scheme, great taste you got.. :)
    but Sheila i think the flower you designed is looking very unnatural.
    valentine gifts pakistan

  2. Beautiful card, love the different colours. Kids stories I think are a bit random, I'm glad it's not just
    Sue C


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