Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cosmo Butterfly!!!

A simple card to use up some nine square backgrounds I made ages ago using up some sheets of squares from a Cosmo Cricket kit. Luckily I had enough offcuts of paper to cut out butterflies to match.
I've made quite a pile of these in various colours but this red is my favourite.

I'm getting pretty fed up of feeling 'off it' now. I still have this cold. It's not as bad as it was but now my lips are erupting in cold sores. I must be very run down as I only get them when I am at my very lowest. It's my follow up visit to the doc on Tuesday so I think I will mention it then.

The bathroom basics are in place now. Just waiting for the joiner to replace the old door and do the shelving in the alcove and then I can start the tarting up bit. Mind you there's not much to tart up apart from a new mirror, loo roll holder and baskets for the shelves so that's not going to take long.

It's been a good crafting day today which is a good job as tomorrow is a housework day. Mr Manic will be at work and DD will be in bed so with nobody under my feet I should get everything done that I need to.

Right...I am off to 4oD now. I'm watching the two series about the Amish which are absolutely fascinating.
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  1. This is such a beautiful card with the colors you chose and the placement of the small flowers. I must try this type of background for one of my cards. Love your blog!


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