Saturday, 14 April 2012

Anniversary Heart!!!

Yet another anniversary card. I was woefully short of them for the shop so there has been a mega heart and flowers frenzy going on here over the last week or so. Thankfully I think I have enough for now and can move on to something else.
The hearts are from a new Sizzix Frame die set and the paper I made the frame with is so old that it has whiskers.

We have had a fun filled week here at Manic Towers with our little angel Ruby. She has been on top form in the comedy department and ribs have been aching with laughing so much.
Yesterday we nipped over to Tamworth to do some shopping and of course we ended up in Hobbycraft. They've had a new wooden floor in there and Ruby thought it was fabulous so we had to dance on it.
Oh my life she had me spinning around in the aisles while she shouted 'I'm Cinderella', 'I'm Fairy Godmuvver'. The look of joy on her face totally overcame any feelings I had of looking like a complete prat.
The fun continued when we got home. She had taken a shine to a packet of assorted chenille and glitter stems in Asda. They were bunches of flowers, a microphone when she sang to us and then bracelets on her arms and ankles while she danced for us.
My grandaughter is awesome.

There have been a few crafty treats this week as DD took us to Bridgemere. She gave me some money for my birthday which isn't until tomorrow so I had pennies to spend. I treated myself to a very huge pad of papers for male cards. 180 sheets of MME deliciousness to go with my Dude cartridge for the Cricut. I also got a set of Spellbinder foliage dies. Another couple of bits picked up yesterday and I still have some money left so I may save that and have a trip to The Range on Monday to stock up on foam pads and other essentials.

Mr Manic has his thoughts firmly on his stomach today so before I can do anything else I have to prepare and cook a beef casserole for our evening meal.
Best go and get on.
Thanks for your visit.

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  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Sheila!

    - Deb


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