Sunday, 8 April 2012

Where There's Muck!!!

After spending all day ferreting in mucky corners and cleaning up all the builders dust I thought I would post a nice clean card tonight.
I love the embossing on this card.

To treat myself for all my hard work today.......and because I am have just watched the last of the Amish programmes. They have been brilliant and I have so enjoyed learning more about their way of life.

Another peaceful day tomorrow but I can't start on the work I want to do until DD gets up at lunchtime so I will be crafting for a while before I get the bucket out.
Bed is calling me now though so I shall go and have a read with a nice cuppa before snuggling down to sleep.
Night night.

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  1. V. glad the ferrets are still going strong. Have often wondered how they were doing! :-)


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