Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hopping Around!!!

Another plain and simple card.
Hearts are by Paper Cellar and the flowers are made using a Woodware punch.

I'm hopping around a bit today after a bit of an accident this morning. I caught my big toe on the front of the sofa when I was putting Ruby down for a nap and ripped a huge chunk of nail off. By gum it didn't half hurt but I didn't realise what I had done until I had left a trail of blood through the lounge and kitchen. I did a bit of doctoring on myself to remove the bit that was hanging off and now it's strapped up it's not too bad. Just keeping everyone out of my way so they don't stand on it.
Ruby is fascinated with it and I have to keep taking my sock off to show her my plaster. She touches it gently and says 'poor grandma'.......better than any pill off a doctor that is.

Anyway best go and feed Mr Manic else I shall get sacked.
Thanks for dropping by.

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