Monday, 2 April 2012

Lovin' Dude!!!

I am so loving the Dude Cricut cartridge. It's very fiddly cutting out all the layers but I find it quite therapeutic to sit and have a cutting session.
The background paper is Costco. It seems like all of my male papers are in that collection and I am just about out now so I must have a look round for some replacements.

No Ruby tomorrow as the other grandparents have been up for the weekend looking after her while mummy and daddy went to some kind of function. So first stop is the docs in the morning for my annual fasting bloods, then drop off some cards at the shop before I come home to get busy in the kitchen making a lasagne. Once that's done the day is my own apart from making tea for the builder so I shall be doing some more card packing and hopefully making. My mojo seems to have come home and I have got quite a few done this weekend thanks to Mr Manic taking pity on his poorly wife and doing all the cooking.
Oh lordy.....look at the time. I had best get to bed seeing as I need to be up early.
Tara for now......and thanks for your visit.

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