Saturday, 31 March 2012

And On It Goes!!!

Well I did have some pics for tonight's post but I have forgotten to transfer them onto the gig stick.....what a berk eh?
So it's just a little chatty post.
The bathroom saga continues and we still have an unfinished job. After making an 'I'm taking no nonsense' phone call we did get the electricians here and most of that work is now done and the shower is in place. I have been assured that work will continue first thing Monday we'll see.
It's really getting on me wick now as we have stuff everywhere. The contents of the under stairs cupboard is all over the lounge and kitchen, the landing is like an obstacle course since we moved the loo from in front of the telly and I have given up with the housework for now.
I'm down with yet another cold. That Ruby Doodle is very generous with her germs.
Ah well....there has to be an end to all of this soon...surely.
DD is very excited as her trip to New York is booked and she will be off on May 8th. I am excited too as she has promised that she will devote some time to crafty shopping. I haven't made a list as when she goes crafty shopping it's just like sending myself so it will be great to see what she comes back with.
Oooooh sounds like Mr Manic is putting the kettle on.......well done that man.
Thanks for dropping by.

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