Sunday, 11 March 2012

Happy Dancing!!!

The housey jobs have taken up rather more of my weekend than I would have liked but there is one job I have to do today which is going to be a pleasure.......I have to clear out the bathroom. Yes finally the builder is starting our bathroom. He is coming to remove all the old fittings in the morning. Luckily hubby will be off work so I am going down to the cottage to look after Ruby out of the way of all the noise and mess as I just know I will spend the best part of the day fetching Little Miss Curious out of the hall where she will want to be to see what's going on.
I can't believe how excited I am about getting this room sorted out. The nasty carpet is going and will be replaced with lovely black floor tiles. The vile mosaic wall tiles are coming off and gorgeous white tiles going up. I am just having a few little wobbles about getting rid of the bath and having just a shower but I am sure I'll get over it.
There has been a little time spent in the craft room and some cards have been made but mostly I have been organising stuff into some new storage I have bought. B & M Bargains have some nice cd boxes for £1.29 so I have got loads and have organised my clear stamp sets, ribbons, embossing folders, Spellbinders dies, card blanks, inserts and envelopes and it's starting to look mighty tidy up there now and I may finally have space to actually take photographs of my cards.
Right....first thing on the agenda this morning is to prepare Sunday lunch so it's off to the kitchen for me.
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  1. we swapped our bath for a walk in shower last year, I thought I would really miss the bath but haven't ! (just make sure when we go on holiday we get an en suite with a bath and shower so the leisurely bath is an extra treat, sad aren't I ? lol....)

  2. Reading your post reminds me of a year ago when we redid our bath, took so long as the new cabinet top came in with the sinks in the wrong place for the plumbing. I still have boxes out of that room that I have not gone thru, I guess if I have not used it in a year, I do not need it, of course have bought a few things rather than dig through all of the boxes. Just wish that we had replaced the tub with inlaid tile instead of putting a two-piece shower in. Do not miss the tub, getting out of it was starting to be a hassle, oh the joys of the golden years. ha.

  3. Good luck with the bathroom-sure it will look wonderful. That craft room sort out sounds a good job done - trouble is you can't find anything for a while after you've had a move round can you :-) :-)


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