Thursday, 15 March 2012

Oh Lordy....!!!

.........what have we started here?
There's noise and dust and more dust and dust on the dust. The whole house is upside down for one little tiny room.
At the moment we have a box containing a loo and cistern residing in front of the telly, four boxes of floor tiles and nineteen boxes of wall tiles clogging up the landing, a sink and pedestal in the bedroom along with the shower unit and builders toolboxes everywhere. I have made so many cups of tea that I could now consider myself an!!!
But........we are getting there despite lots of problems which meant the ceiling coming down and a new one going in and rather a lot of rewiring. By tomorrow night everything will be ready for the tiler to come in on Monday and do his bit and then we will be on the home run.
There have been bright spots this week. We took Miss Doodle out for lunch at Frankie and Bennys on Tuesday and I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life. She spent the whole time bopping away to the music and 'loving' everything. It was just the best couple of hours out I have had in a long time........and if you want to know how far a childs portion of brownies and ice cream goes........let me tell you.........I had to change my jeans and jumper and put them in the wash with my coat when we got back. I got some very funny looks walking round B & M Bargains that afternoon. I think people thought DD had bought out her senile old mother who couldn't even feed!!!
I can't get into my craft room in the day time with all the builders paraphenalia everywhere so I'm only getting bits done at night. Maybe one day soon I will have something to post.
Anyway thanks for your visit.

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