Thursday, 29 March 2012

Handbags At Dawn!!!

 Some time ago I sold the Sizzix die that made this handbag and then wished I hadn't. I found it a couple of weeks ago in the clearance section at Byrkley Park for four pounds so snapped it up and brung it home.
These are made using up offcuts of paper and more of the pesky peeloffs which just don't seem to be going down no matter how much I use them. I think I am just going to admit defeat and sling the lot in the bin.

Elsewhere at Manic has come to a complete halt on the bathroom and I am seriously dischuffed. Apparently the electrician has broken his ankle and one of his staff has left. I know the builder has no control over things like that happening but his lack of communication really sucks big time. I am sending Mr Manic over tonight when he gets in from work to try and get things moving again.

Today I am having a day upstairs as I have no Ruby Doodle. There are inserts and packing to be done....yuck.......before I can start on anything new as my box of made cards is now full but first I have to clear up the mess Ruby and I made when I took her up to make a picture on Tuesday. That girl sure takes after her grandma in the mess making department.
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  1. You have create very nice birthday card. It is really nice work. I like your blog. thank you for nice sharing.

  2. Lovely cards Sheila, and great find on the Sizzix die ! If you ever need an electrician, my other half would be able to help !


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