Sunday, 1 May 2016

It's A Doodle Day!!!

Hubby has just gone to fetch the papers and pick up a fresh loaf..........and my little Doodle. I can't wait to see her. I know I only saw her on Wednesday but from the time she was ten months old until she started school full time I saw her nearly every day as I was her childminder. I still miss that. Having her to stay over is just so, so precious to me.
She will be very excited to see the new patterns and fabrics and will probably want one of everything by midnight I think I will get her to choose what she wants by order of importance and work on a list over the next week or so for her.

Roast lamb for dinner today as it was what I grabbed out of the meat freezer before they blocked off my access with the scaffolding. Ruby will love it though as mint sauce and gravy is one of her favourite things.

I probably won't get back on here today so will have to catch up with what you are all doing tomorrow when Ruby goes home just after breakfast.
Have a lovely day today.



  1. Enjoy your time with Ruby, special moments.

  2. I am spending every moment possible with my new grandson Leo, and with Junior and Kaitlyn. Yesterday was a full on day and an hour on the trampoline just about finished me off.


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