Friday, 20 May 2016

A Waiting Game!!!

Sorry for the late post again.
Yesterday hubby got a call from the hospital to go in today for a follow up appointment after his MRI scan last week. Apparently they have found something irregular and we now have to wait for a couple of weeks for an appointment to come through for him to go to another hospital for a biopsy.
At this stage we are not overly worried. We'll wait and see what the biopsy results are.

I came home with a vile headache. It must be all that bilious green paint. The walls are one shade of green, the doors another and the floor yet another. It was very warm and there was the smell of a very unwashed body somewhere in the patients who were waiting. All that on top of a sleepless night so it's no wonder my poor head is throbbing. I think I might have a lie down seeing as how I don't have to cook tonight. We're just having crusty bread and pate with a mango and apricot chutney for those who feel like eating.

Not much strip cutting going on today but I'll be back on the case tomorrow once all my jobs are done.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. Hope all goes well with the biopsy. There is nothing worse than the smell of BO in waiting rooms.

  2. Sending you * headache be gone* vibes xxx

  3. Life just keeps on throwing us curveballs one after another at the moment , when's the good luck fairy going to turn up?

  4. I hope everything is ok with the biopsy. The waiting can be so frustrating. Hopefully your headache is gone now. X


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