Friday, 27 May 2016

Blue, Green And White!!!

I am not a lover of spring or summer but even I couldn't fail to be awed by the beauty of our little bit of countryside as we went into town last night. The vivid bluebells in the copse we pass, the lush green fields and the gorgeous sight of the white lacy cow parsley growing along the verges. 
The hawthorn trees wearing their white veils are everywhere here as far as the eye can see and look so beautiful.
This morning we have another blue to add to the mix in the shape of a blue sky.
How lucky we are.

Thank you all so much for your comments yesterday.
There is quite a sad story behind hubby's eating habits. I won't go into the details but suffice it to say that due to things that happened in his late childhood/early adulthood he has an abject fear of being hungry and of there not being enough food. I have been trying to help him overcome this for forty years and he is better than he was at one time. I do cook good nutritious meals for us all but whereas DD and I are happy with fish or chicken and salad he always has to have potatoes or bread with it else he thinks he will be hungry.
I have won quite a lot of battles with him over his food but there is still a good way to go to win the whole war.

I am just about to start on my sewing together of the bits for the quilt. It wasn't started last night as I was exhausted by the time we got in from town at 7pm. We just had our beans on toast and watched a couple of programmes on the  Freeview channel True Crime until it was time for hubby to get home and then I had to get up and see to his supper. I should really be out in the garden. The lawns need mowing but I can't use the huge lawnmower we have.....well I could if I fancied a trip round the estate clinging on to the back of it and mowing down everything in my

Anyhoo.......I will tidy the dining table, crank up the Singer and get me some sewing done.
Bye for now.


  1. It can be a very s l o w process getting rid of bad eating habits, anything that is ingrained in childhood tends to cling on for dear life. All you can do is carry on and fingers crossed get small improvements. I look forward to seeing your sewing as it develops, I like to gather ideas and inspiration. I have been on a fabric buying frenzy for a couple of weeks, I have stocked up on yardage for quilt backs at ridiculously low prices. My next big buy will be a roll of wadding from Barnyarns.

  2. The only eating that has carried on from my childhood is tinned food, my mother used to dish it up to us most meals times, I hated it so much so I just the thought of eating tinned food now makes me shudder except for fish, but meat or vegetable I feel myself gagging, I do try occasionaly but just cant get to grips with it. I was hoping to be sewing today but I am getting ready for visitors coming next week and I am away for the week end I have spent the morning trying on posh frocks and shoes trying to decide what to take :-)

  3. Eating habits from childhood really do affect how you are as an adult, you seem to be doing a really good job. Enjoy your sewing.

  4. There have been small improvements Pam. When we first got married he told me that if I gave him anything with pasta, rice or salad when he came in from work he would chuck it at me. Those battles are now won.
    I am looking forward to a fabric frenzy shop when I have saved up some money to go to the Fabric Guild in Leicester-x-

    Oh gawd Dawn....tinned veg are one of my worst nightmares. I can stomach peas but nothing else. I once nearly passed out when I saw tinned sprouts in a shop. I could just imagine how slimy and disgusting they were.
    Oooooh posh frocks..........hope you have a lovely weekend-x-


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