Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sunny Saturday!!!

It's lovely out today. I've a feeling it will get a bit too warm for me later but I do love the brightness of a sunny day.
There's a good breeze too which means I'll be able to hang out some long as the old apricot tree will stand the weight. My lines are tied around it and I noticed that a branch had broken off it. It is dead but I keep it as we have a lovely rose climbing up it.......but do I trust it with a line full of clean washing.

It was sooooo good to finally be able to get in and out of the back door yesterday and Smudge was happy as I could leave it open for him to go in and out as he pleased. I've not been able to let him stay out in the front garden as there is no shade for him to lie in.

Hubby has gone off to the big town to try and find some boots to replace his old ones which have bitten the dust. DD is tidying her room before she goes off to work and I have a few more loads of laundry to do. While that is doing I am going to be fabric sorting.
The crop top was a bit of a failure I'm afraid. The fabric seemed to have a life of it's own and didn't want to do what I wanted it to do so I'll see if I can pick up a remnant of a heavier jersey when I go to Derby next Saturday.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


  1. It's fine n sunny here but def cooler than of late. Bedding going ont line soon and I'm ironing! Sweating bullets but I think it's good for my pores. I wanna faff in my craft room later and plan on making home made naan bread! I love Saturdays! Yay for your back door! Xx

  2. Enjoy your sunshine! Bet puss is a happy chappie now. x

  3. Our washing line is tied around our huge walnut tree ... trees are so handy, aren't they, for washing lines! And this one provides us (and the resident squirrel, Nutter, with nuts in the autumn.)
    Margaret P

  4. Did you change your needle when doing the crop top to one for stretched fabric, its been glorious weather here and making the most of it washing everything :-)

  5. Hi Dawn...yes I used a jersey needle and a walking foot but I think the fabric, as it was a t shirt that had been worn before, may have been too soft with having been washed. It just wasn't having any of it.

    Rachel.....home made naan bread. I've never thought of doing that for my pair who like curries. Will have to give it a go. is a dog.

    Margaret....Nutter the cute.

  6. Sheila, I feel like a fraud! Not made them yet, they are for tonight instead - but will post pictures on next post xx

  7. Try putting a piece of thin paper with the fabric, it sometimes work.


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