Tuesday, 10 May 2016

K Is For Kaftan!!!

Good morning.
Well what a different morning to wake up to. It's dull and cloudy after a night of heavy rain and a lot cooler....which I won't be complaining about.

The pic above is the kaftan I made the other day. I think it is going to be a favourite this summer. It will be worn with leggings and my new Birkenstocks which will be arriving home later today.
I am so grateful to people who post instructional videos on You Tube. It helped me enormously to be able to learn about the fabric and the best way to deal with it and the outcome was so worth spending the time watching those videos.
Take a bow are awesome.
In the parcel with the first kaftan fabric was a huge piece of white cotton shirting with a stripe and I am just in the process of turning that into an ankle length, slightly more roomy kaftan for wearing around the house in the evenings when it is warm. I should finish it today while I am waiting for my DD to get home.

Yesterday the roofer turned up to mend the felt on the dormer but the job didn't get done as he hadn't been told that some piece of wood had been removed and he didn't have anything to replace it with. He is back today and getting on with it so I am am hoping that we will be rid of the scaffolding before the end of the week and we can get back to normal.

Not much to do in the way of cooking today as DD has requested New York Deli sandwiches for tea when she gets home....easy peasy. I may bake a cake too as I promised Ruby one for tomorrow but I have a busy day and won't have time to bake tomorrow. I have my follow up appointment with the nurse and doctor at 9:30 and then two old work friends that I had coffee with a few weeks ago are coming to pick me up for lunch. We are going to the pub where we all used to work. Nella and I were the cooks and Jeannie was our kitchen assistant/waitress. I had a look at the menu online last night and it's very different to what it was when we used to work there. I think I will be having the posh fish finger sandwich as it seems to be the only thing that doesn't have chorizo, blue cheese or brie in
I'm just doing hubby some lunch to take to work with him today as he has to go for an MRI scan at the hospital before he goes and he doesn't want a cooked meal beforehand.

Right I shall go and get on.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I was totally impressed with the Kaftan, a great addition to the wardrobe. The weather here is rubbish with much lower temperature and rain. Hope all goes well with the Doctor in the morning and your husband with his MRI scan. Take care.

  2. mmmm posh fish finger sarnie, sounds yummy, lashing of ketchup? or will it be tartare and lemon.

  3. I the only person in the world who hates chorizo, but I love the kaftan , I have some very strange summer wear for pottering round at home

  4. That is one fabulous kaftan - I'd wear it in a heartbeat!
    You're right, those You Tube tutorials are amazing, I'd never be able to sew without one. xxx


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