Friday, 13 May 2016


Oh joy of joys.....they are here and taking down the scaffolding. I am so happy that we can now get back to normal.

I have quite a bit of laundry to catch up on today but not much else to do so I'll be sewing in between loads. I have a crop top cut out and ready to sew. Not over confident that it will work but we'll see. It's no loss if it doesn't as it is only one of my t shirts that I cut up but if it does work I shall feel confident enough to buy jersey to work with in the future.
Yesterday I finished the longer kaftan. It did make me laugh when I tried it on as it looked just like a hospital gown. As it is only for wearing in the house I'm not worried.

There were plans to be out making a start on work in the front garden this weekend but DD has to work. Hubby is here but I won't allow him to do anything in the gardens as he usually ends up doing something wrong. Last weekend he went to cut the lawn for DS and ended up cutting through an electric cable. I call him the Garden Terminator. We have had to put log roll around the borders in the back garden as lawns and borders are all as one to him and he goes straight over everything when he is mowing. I can't tell you the number of plants and shrubs he has ruined over the thirty odd years we have had a garden. Love him to bits but he is a true menace in my garden.

Tea tonight is what we should have had last night but neither DD or I felt like eating much which means no cooking today although I will have to do something for hubby when he comes in at 7pm.

I'm not awfully impressed with ITV. Have you seen that they are dropping Home Fires? What? They leave you with a cliffhanger like that and then say that's more. I loved it and am quite miffed that we will never know the outcome.

Well enough of my chattering. I shall be off and get on with sorting the laundry.
Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Good news about the scaffolding! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Hop over and take a look! Jackie. x

  2. I'm so pleased they are finally removing the scaffolding and you can get back to normal. I don't like any kind of disruption. Have a great day. Laundry going on here too. X

  3. What a great relief that the scaffolding has gone. Baking and laundry going on here. Such a shame about Home fires I really enjoyed that programme.

  4. Just popped over to say hello will pop back when I have a bit more time :-)

  5. What a shame about Home fires, I have the new season recorded to watch but now I am not sure whether to bother. I had a laundry and sewing day earlier in the week, now it is garden and sewing.

  6. I'm disgusted at how they dropped Home Fires. Far superior to that Durrells rubbish that I gave up on weeks ago


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