Friday, 6 May 2016

Work Begins At Last!!!

Work has finally started on the house. They say it will all be finished today but how long the scaffolding will take to remove they cannot say as it is a different company responsible for that. It's all very noisy and from the sound of the debris I can hear falling there will one heck of a lot of sweeping up to do......hey ho!!!

MM and Sandy thank you so much for your kind words on my post yesterday. I am relieved to say that the family problem is well on the way to being solved. is not so much what Ruby says but how she says it. I tell you that girl is six going on forty six. Her facial expressions and mannerisms when she is delivering any gossip remind me so much of old ladies gossiping over the fence in their headscarves.

I sewed all day yesterday as I had promised myself and the result was a new top for my wardrobe.
After watching some helpful videos on You Tube I was able......for the first time work with some heavyweight jersey and it turned out perfectly with no puckers or anything. For saying I was filled with horror when the fabric came in my 'pay your money and get what you're given parcel' I am pretty darn chuffed to say the least. I also didn't use a pattern as the top is just a knee length kaftan style to wear over some leggings in the summer. Even DD is who is strictly a t shirt girl thinks it's great and now wants me to make her one.

Today will be a bonus sewing day. Nothing can be done outside as I don't want to be hit by falling debris or to get in the way of the workmen. I will tackle the skirt for Ruby until it's time to make some hot dogs for tea and settle down to watch the Downton finale before DD has an early night. She has to be up at 3:30am to go and pick her friends up for their weekend away.

Well that's me today. I am just off now to enjoy a cooked breakfast that hubby has made for me.
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  1. Thrilled to hear the workmen have almost finished, hopefully the scaffolding will be gone soon too. Have a great day sewing.

  2. "Life goes on" and yours sounds like for the better.

    I am always amazed at the sewing you turn out. I believe that is a gift that only a few have and you are indeed blessed with this gift.

    Hope you enjoyed your cooked breakfast and are having a good day.

    Take care.

  3. You put me to shame...all that sewing...but I have just fetched back some material from the in
    laws so you never know! Sorry to hear of the disquiet amongst the family...hopefully all will be resolved very soon. x

  4. You should definitely enter the Sewing Bee!!


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