Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Convert!!!

Well.........I'll go to the foot of our stairs........I am shocked to be admitting that the courgetti was a complete success and we loved it.
I made a loose white sauce with onions, peppers, garlic and oregano. 
The Italian chicken meatballs were browned and then added to the sauce and simmered until cooked through and then I left it to stand for the flavours to develop.
The courgetti went into a colander and had boiling water poured over it to soften it and then it was drained well and added to the warmed through sauce for a few seconds.
It tasted lovely and fresh and was very satisfying. I had expected to be hungry later in the evening but was very filling.
The only thing I would do different next time is to cut the courgetti into shorter pieces.........or wear a

Only half the kitchen got done yesterday as I kept getting distracted by things like a drawer that needed tidying and I kept finding stuff that had been put away in the wrong place by hubby who has lived here for twenty years just the same as me and still doesn't know where anything that all needed putting back in it's rightful place. It will get finished today.

DD got home earlier than expected so I didn't get long to deal with what is left of the pile of fabric. Some more will get done today and I might even get the chance to do some sewing as we have finished all three seasons of Wentworth now. It was brilliant and I can't wait for season four.

Hope hubby hurries up back from town as I am ready for a good strong coffee now and then I need to find something for his lunch.
Ooooh he's back.
Thanks for dropping by today.



  1. LOL...husbands are very good at not knowing where anything goes aren't they! x

  2. I smiled, I don't think my husband knows where the kitchen is...I tried courgetti recently when my daughter made it for supper and I too was pleasantly surprised.

  3. It will soon be time for a courgette glut, a great way of using them, we have a drawer where things get put I find allsorts of treasures in there

  4. Have you got a Spiralizer? I want one for Beryl! Then I think I'll Spiralize everything!


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