Monday, 30 May 2016

Another Sew Shop Show!!!

This was my sewing shop from Saturday.
More rulers to add to my quilting tool arsenal.
The Christmas fabric is to go with other fabric I have to make a Sit For Santa quilt for my girls. The idea is to put it on the floor on Christmas morning and they sit on it to open their long as they have been good enough to get
The Moda Vintage Picnic is for a quilt for Marlowe.
The Red Rooster ten fat quarter stack couldn't be passed was reduced from nearly £30 to £10. It will make a fabulous beach quilt for Ruby and Marlowe.
DD has chosen the two darker fabrics from my stash for her bag and she bought the lighter fabric for a lining from the same range.
So much fabric, so many ideas.....where do I start? Well I will start by finishing the Christmas quilt top over the next couple of days. It's coming along very nicely.

Simple food today. We are having fish with salad and garlic and parmesan roast potatoes. That means I can get my sewing done in between loads of laundry and not have to spend all day preparing our evening meal.
I was going to dry the washing outside but some mighty spiteful looking black clouds are gathering so I don't think I will even attempt it today.

Hope all is bright and sunny where you are.


  1. Lots of delicious fabric there Sheila, you will be sewi yourself silly before long. I only see bargains like the fat quarters on line, there isn't even a market local with a fabric stall. I would probably have to trek to Cardiff and there is no fun in that. I am thinking of an overnight stay in Leicester though to visit the Fabric Guild. It is a 3 1/2 hour minimum drive from here so would have to stay over.

  2. You certainly had a successful shop, beautiful fabrics and lots of projects on the go. Its been cold and windy, overcast but no rain today.

  3. I looked at getting more rulers on Saturday but decided to wait a bit! Gorgeous fabrics xx


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