Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sleepless In Staffordshire!!!

What a flippin' horrible night that was.
I don't think my eyes have been closed for more than ten minutes all night. I just couldn't get comfortable and spent the whole night tossing and turning. One minute hot and throwing the covers off and the next freezing cold and shivering. Gordon Bennett....I am so sick of germs.

I have just presented hubby with a fait accompli and given him fish and salad for his lunch. He eats way too much fried stuff, bread and potatoes so I have decided in future that I am not asking him what he wants for his lunch....he will get what I think is good for him as I am the one who has to listen to him moaning about heartburn and other side effects of eating too much unhealthy stuff. He has very fixed ideas of what a working man should

We enjoyed our meal out with Ruby yesterday. She was thrilled to bits when we told her she was going to Frankie & Benny's as she loves the music in there. I had my favourite Chicken Parmegiana as did DD. Ruby always goes for pizza but I don't mind as long as she eats her salad with it and she ate every mouthful.

I felt too off it to do the top up shop last night so we will go and do that tonight and just have beans on toast and a cuppa when we get back which was DD's request.
No cooking means I get some extra time to do what I want so the last bit of fabric will get cut up today and the sewing will commence tonight.......about bloomin' time.

For now I am just off on a search for a new carpet shampooer as mine doesn't seem to be doing it's job properly. It doesn't have brushes so it doesn't scrub the carpet. I shall pass my old one on to DS so it won't go to waste.

Have a lovely day.


  1. In the main - and I am not speaking for all of them - men and children don't know a carbohydrate from a protein, so it's best simply to cook good, nourishing, tasty meals which are healthy. It is possible to do this. My mother did it even when food was on ration. We eat far too much starchy, sugary things and while Dr Michael Mosley wrote recently in the Telegraph that fat isn't the evil we once thought it was, a lot of it surely can't be good for us. So it's best not to ask a chap what he wants to eat; if he's worth his salt (and go easy on that, too, har, har!) he will be grateful for having a meal placed in front of him. Well, mine is. Fortunately, I've a husband who loves salads and fish so healthy eating is fairly easy in our household. If you need to ask a husband/partner he wants to eat, then give him two healthy options. Job done!
    Margaret P

  2. My commiserations over your bad night, at least you had a favourite meal, with no cooking or washing up. I always have cooked what ever takes my fancy, mostly healthy but the occasional naughty meal is a good treat. Beans on a slice of toast with scrambled eggs on another is one of my best loved quick meals. I haven't had it for ages, next week without a doubt.

  3. Doesn't sound good, hope you feel better soon. I give my husband a choice take it or leave it Ha! Ha!

  4. Hope you're soon feeling much better again...perhaps our hubby's ought to start cooking for themselves once in a while! x

  5. Martin s very god with his food and will often opt for something with salad or stir fry as long as its edible he eats it, hope you shake off the bug soon :)


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