Sunday, 15 May 2016

Liebster Award!!!

Dear Jackie over at Winters End Ramblings has been kind enough to pass on this award to me to help people to discover new blogs to read.

Here is what you have to do-:

Link back to the blog that nominated you. Done

Post a photo or badge of the Liebster Award. Done

Answer the ten questions posed by the person who nominated you.
1. Tea or coffee?
Tea first thing in the morning and coffee mid morning.
2. Bath or shower?
Bath but at the moment I am stuck with showers until we redo the bathroom.
3. Book or Kindle?
4. Real or fake Christmas tree?
Fake I'm afraid.
5. Christmas or Yule?
6. Starter or pudding?
7. Cup or mug?
 8. Favourite flower?
9. Up to the table or couch dinner?
Up to the table
10. If you had the chance to go back in time, when would you choose and why?
I'd love to go back to the 17th Century as I am fascinated by the court of King Charles II.
Nominate five blogs for a Liebster Award. Done although very hard to chose just five as I love all the blogs I read.
Notify them so they know. Pending
Post ten new questions for those you have nominated. Done
1. Your favourite way of eating potatoes?
2. Favourite craft.....past or present?
3. Skirt or trousers?
4.Favourite room in your house?
5. Carpet or wood/laminate for your floors?
6. A book you have read more than once?
7. Your favourite dinner from school days?
8. Long, mid length or short hair?
9. Your favourite ice cream flavour?
10. Least favourite vegetable?
Have fun :)   


  1. Well I popped, I have copied and pasted and will post tomorrow, thank you muchly.

  2. Awww thanx me darlin! I've already got the award badge from yonks ago so I'll answer the questions here. But first, I'd like to thank my mum, my dad etc etc

    1. Favourite way of eating potatoes...
    Hmmmm ALL the ways if that's allowed? I cannot choose between soft buttery mash, crispy roasts or the perfect chip! Currently I mostly enjoying jersey royals, steamed with/without butter, cold or hot!

    2. Favourite craft - knitting

    3. Skirt or trousers? - neither. Frocks and leggings!

    4. Favourite room in my house - Kitchen

    5. Carpet or wood flooring? - Carpets everytime for me.

    6. Book I have read more than once? - Swiss Family Robinson

    7. Hair - short at the minute

    8. Favourite school dinner - chicken supreme followed by Manchester tart. Answer given without hesitation!

    9. Favourite ice cream - thunder and lightning

    10. Least favourite veg - Aubergine

    Fun questions to answer Sheila X congratulations on your award xx

  3. Thanks Rachel. Loved reading your answers.
    What on earth is thunder and lightening ice cream?

    1. Delicious is what it is!
      It's honeycomb and liquid caramel toffee through it! Yummy!

  4. This is a delicious time wasting thing to do! I'm always up for wasting a bit of time! Not that I can do this as I'm not someone with a blog, but it's fun to read others' answers!
    Margaret P

  5. OK Rachel ... just a few then ...
    1. Potatoes - new ones, tiny ones, like marbles, boiled with butter and real mint sprinkled on top.
    2. Craft - don't 'do' craft but some might say I'm crafy, har, har! If writing is a craft, then writing.
    3. Skirt or trousers - I love to wear a dress occasionally, but trousers for comfort (and they can be smart, too!)
    4. Favourite room - our sitting room, especially at night, with the lamps on.
    5. Carpet - hard flooring is for the kitchen and bathroom. I aim for comfort.
    6. Books read more than once - The Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard. They are my favourite novels of the 20th century.
    7. Hair - always short, pixie crop at times.
    8. Detested school dinner - took a packed lunch.
    9. Favourite ice cream - stem ginger.
    10. Least favourite veg - beetroot.

  6. PS I meant "boiled, with butter ..." The comma makes all the difference to the meaning. I didn't mean I boil them with butter, har, har!
    Margaret P

  7. Oh gawd Rachel....that sounds absolutely gorgeous. Never heard of it before.

    Hey Margaret.......thanks for joining in.....that's fab.

  8. Sheila: Fun to read your answers.

    Margaret: I suspect we are about the same age because I also hated school dinners. Those were the days when the dinner ladies would make you sit there until you cleaned your plate. I will not eat mashed potatoes to this day due to that rule. After I told mum what had happened I was allowed to go home or take a packed lunch. Oh and I love beetroot which many people here in the Midwest USA find rather odd.


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