Saturday, 7 May 2016

That's It!!!

The roofline work is done, finished and over with......thank goodness. We just have to wait for a man to come on Monday afternoon to repair some felt on the dormer roof that got damaged when they were removing the old trims then hopefully the scaffolding people will be as quick coming to dismantle it as they were coming to put it up. Once that is out of the way I will need to have a good clean up of all of the windows and sills and get in all the corners of the yard with a sweeping brush.
There is a massive patch of yellow on my back lawn where all the materials were stored. I don't know if we will just see if it will grow back or if we will dig up the whole lawn and returf it. It definitely could do with that option as it is a lumpy old lawn that doesn't drain very well. We shall have to see.

It's a bit nippy this morning but it looks like it might brighten up later. 
I need to have a clean up in the lounge this morning as we had to have a window open for the fitters power cable yesterday and there is dust everywhere. It will be a furniture shifting session I think.

The skirt for Ruby is nearly finished. Just the top gathering and waistband to do now. The fabrics look so lovely together and I have loads left which I shall use to make a bag for myself.

DD has gone off on her travels and will be back Tuesday teatime which leaves just hubby and I to cater for. He is taking me out for tea tonight and he says we might even go out for lunch tomorrow. I am a lucky girl.

Well I shall go and arm myself with cleaning stuff and go and make a start on this lounge. It won't do itself.....more's the pity.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. Hang on in there Sheila, not long and it will all be back to normal. Always a treat to have meals out, you are been spoilt twice in as many days.


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