Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Just A Boring Old Day Today!!!

Morning all.
I have just returned from having my fasting blood test. As I haven't eaten anything since about six thirty yesterday evening my tummy was grumbling rather loudly so I set to and made myself some tomatoes on toast and a cuppa. It was gorgeous.
Although I was hungry the thing I miss most is my early morning tea which DD brings up for me before she goes to work. I don't function well until I have had that first cup of the day but now that I have had it I should be firing on all cylinders.

The laundry has to be tackled today having been put off over the weekend due to the trek round to the tumble dryer in the rain. The situation with the scaffolding is beyond a joke and the surveyor who is due to visit is going to be getting a portion of hot chops from me today.

I didn't get started on the skirt for Ruby yesterday as I decided that all of the new patterns needed to be sorted and put away before I started so that the table was clear. By the time that was done DD and hubby were calling for me to settle down to watch some Downton so I gave in. We should finish it this week so when DD comes back from her long weekend away she is going to order season three of Wentworth which we haven't seen yet and we will start at season one before we watch it.

Since we have had two meat and two veg meals on the trot I have suggested salad for tea tonight so no cooking today.....yay!!!
I do love cooking but it is very nice to have a day off.

Hubby will be back from town shortly. He has gone to pick up a parcel that the postie couldn't deliver on Saturday. It will be a book that DD ordered for me from Amazon. Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor. I first read it when I was about twelve or thirteen and have read it several times since but my copy was lent out and never returned. I love the story set in the seventeenth century at the court of Charles II and am looking forward to reading it again.
Once he gets back it will be coffee and papers time so I had best go and sort out some of this washing and get a load going.

Thanks for dropping by today.



  1. I don't function well until I have had at least 2 cups of tea in a morning. Hope all is well with the blood results.

  2. morning cuppa , helps to revive the morning zombie syndrome . I must admit that as a teen Forever Amber was one of my favourites , along with Katherine by Anya Seton and Lorna Doone

  3. I am pretty much useless before my first cuppa. Luckily the weather has stayed good here so 2 loads of whites and lights on the whirlybird and a dark load in the machine. I plan on some gentle knitting tonight while I half watch some chewing gum for the brain on the TV. There may well be a longish walk in there somewhere as well.

  4. Oh morning cupcakes...disaster! I know what you mean about a trek to the tumble dryer...ours and the washer is out in the pig house. x

  5. And even more oh glasses and predictive messaging...not cupcakes...cuppa! x


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