Monday, 23 May 2016

Flaming Flies!!!

As big as I am and as small as they are.......I am terrified of flies. If I hear one buzzing about in the house I have to track it down and kill it. Every year between the middle of May and well into June we have a plague of small black flies right outside the back door. They hover about an inch above the paving stones and swarm into the house when you open the door and then proceed to die all over the window ledges and gawd knows where else. They drive me mad.
So yesterday I went off to Hobbycraft and was looking forward to a browse. I only needed a reel of thread but it's nice to have a look around. Walking up to the doors I spotted a stand of sewing patterns and got quite excited but walking through the doors we were greeted by.......a plague of flies. Not the small ones we have at home but bigger house flies. OMG it was disgusting. They were everywhere and we had to keep brushing them off ourselves. Needless to say I didn't get to browse the patterns....I just saw one I wanted and grabbed it, found the thread I needed and hot footed it out of there. DD and I were itching all the way home.

Today is kitchen cleaning day so I will be cleaning all the cupboard doors and scrubbing the tiles. Luckily the oven is fine for the moment so I will just need to clean the hob and wipe over the outside of the cooker. There are a couple of loads of laundry that need doing and hubby needs feeding before he goes to work. DD will be home later tonight as she is doing first aid training at work so I can have two or three hours to carry on with my strip cutting. All the strips I have cut so far have been chopped into the pieces I need for the quilt. I think I will just chop all of the Christmas fabric up and see if I can get two quilts out of it.

Tea for DD and I tonight will be Italian chicken meatballs made from the sausages I bought. I've not decided on the sauce yet but it will be served with courgetti freshly made on my spiraliser. I'm hoping we like it.

Just waiting for the hubster to get back from town before I have my coffee and then it's on with the Marigolds and I'll crack on with the cleaning.

Have a lovely day.



  1. You had me at "Italian chicken meatballs"...yes please!! :)

  2. I am watching Rick Stein's Weekend Away and the last one was in Italy, lots of Pork and Pasta.
    He made one dish with onions and celery, pork sausage meat just crumbled up, a dash of white wine, chicken stock and cream. Oh yes and a few Fennel seeds, poured over tagliatelle. It looked really good so I plan on making it sometime this week.

  3. Pam that sounds gorgeous although I would pass on the tagliatelle and use the courgetti as I am trying not to eat pasta or rice. I love both but they don't love me I'm afraid.
    Let me know what it's like-x-

  4. Yu definitely caught my attention with the Italian chicken meatballs...

  5. Ugh I hate those flies too, but not as strong as reaction as you ! How DARE they spoil your Hobbycraft time. Write a strongly worded email to them lol

  6. It's when little flies buzz round by ears that I get really annoyed with them, and when they seem to head for your dare they! x


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