Thursday, 12 May 2016

Today Should Be The Day........!!!

.........that this blessed scaffolding comes down. If it doesn't I will be very angry........they wouldn't like me when I am angry as I have a tendency to turn green, swell up and burst out of my
Although we are very pleased with the work that has been done their idea of planning has been an absolute farce. The surveyor should have seen that the job would need scaffolding in the first place and then everything could have been planned properly with regards to the timing of it going up, the job being done and then it coming down again. Instead of which it has been stuck there for just over a fortnight for a job which actually took a day and then an hour or so for the roofer to mend the felt though he said he could work without it......ridiculous.
ETA......they have not turned up. In fact they were never going to turn up today according to the man from the scaffold company who phoned me at 3pm to arrange to come and take it down on Monday. Trying not to lose my cool I told him that I want it down before then.
So the company who did the work bare faced lied to me when I phoned this morning. I am disgusted with them. The guys who do the work....fantastic......the office staff and supposed planners all need to be sacked and replaced. They are useless. 

Lunch out with the girls was fab yesterday. A little rushed as I didn't get picked up until nearly 1pm and I had to be home by 3pm.
It was the first time I had been back to the pub where we worked in thirty years and it has changed beyond all recognition. It has had a beautiful makeover and I could have stayed there all day taking in the changes.

Had a lovely couple or so hours with my Doodle. She loved her skirt and wanted it on straight away. She even went home in it to show Mummy and Daddy. I got a quick cuddle with Marlowe. She was a bit fractious as she was tired but I did get a little smile. She is so cute when she smiles.

It's a tad warm here today so I have put some chicken to marinate in a barbecue sauce. I'll cook it and let it go cold and serve it up with some salad either as it is or in a wrap. Have to see which DD fancies when she comes in.

I'm putting off my shopping this week until I can get in the outside freezer to see what we have. I can just about manage with fresh stuff until tomorrow and I need to have a sort out in the store cupboard to make sure I have everything I need for marinades and salad dressings as we eat a lot of chicken with salad when it gets warm.

There's not a lot else to do in the house today as for once it seems to have stayed clean and tidy so I am dismantling some hardly worn t shirts of mine to make some crop tops for Ruby. Hopefully the tips and tricks I learned from You Tube will help with sewing this fabric too although it is not as heavy as the jersey I used for the kaftan.

As usual I am off for a coffee before I do anything else.
Tara for now.....and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hope you have come down from the ceiling and are back to a normal colour. There is nothing worse than been lied to, its such a shame it spoils the experience. Such a great idea to repurpose clothing you haven't worn, I don't think I would have the confidence with T shirt fabric.


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