Thursday, 19 May 2016

Being Ganma!!!

Sorry the post is a bit late today but I have been enjoying some snuggle time with Little Miss Marlowe and giving her Mummy a breakfast treat of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Not something I could eat but she loved it.
Miss Marlowe is a gorgeous baby but I think she could do with being returned to have her lungs fine tuned. She has the most blood curdling scream I have ever heard outside of a horror film. Ruby used to to scream but this could pierce armour plating. She only screams when she is hungry or tired and today it was tired so I sat for a while with her draped tummy down over my arm and she soon snuggled in went to sleep. When she woke we got so many smiles. It was wonderful.
By the time they headed for home it was getting near to feed time and the scream got another airing.

So nothing else but breakfast cooking and baby cuddling achieved this morning and now I have to start on prep for tea and I am having to do two seperate meals today. Hubby spotted the smoked salmon so he has asked for Eggs Benedict and DD and I will be having fajita style turkey mince in tortilla wraps with pineapple salsa and corn on the cob....yummy.

More strip cutting later and another Wentworth session with DD and that will be my day today......very ordinary and maybe a little boring to some but I love my life and wouldn't change a thing.

See you tomorrow.


  1. There is nothing like snuggling a baby, particularly when you can give it back. Sounds like some very special moments.

  2. Sounds like a perfect morning. X

  3. Sounds like a marvellous day to me.


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