Wednesday, 25 May 2016

That Man Of Mine!!!

Oooooh he is in such trouble. He has bought yet another germy horrible cold home from work and both DD and I have caught it. Nasty sore throats and coughs, runny noses and headaches and not an ounce of energy between us. If he doesn't pack it up I am going to start making him take a dip in a bath of disinfectant before he is allowed in the house.
I must admit I do feel better today than I did yesterday. Not sure about DD as she was gone to work by the time I got up.

It's dull, dreary and threatening rain outside but later on I shall have my own little ray of sunshine in the shape of Miss Doodle for her usual Wednesday visit.
Tonight we are taking her out for tea as a treat seeing as how we won't see her next week. She is off on hollibobs with Mummy, Daddy and baby sister for a week.

Nearly at the end of cutting all the pieces for the Christmas quilt so I will be able to get onto my favourite bit of doing the sewing. Hubby thinks I am mad cutting fabric up just to sew it together again and can't understand it at

Well I had better go and feed the germ monster before he goes to work. He's having liver today.........yuck.

Hope the rain keeps off for you all.


  1. Hubby s banned from bringing bugs home, and touch wood I have only had one little cold thinghy since we have been here, I put it down to fresh air and a better lifestyle, hubby often has bugs but then he works away in a city full of pollution air condition and is in contact with lots of people, I am away at the week end family event I hope I dont catch anything

  2. I know what you mean about cutting up the material to sew it all together again, I made my daughter Faye a double quilt for her 40th it was so big I couldn't spread it out on my floor, so a friend took pity on me and moved her furniture out of a room and we put it there, I have now bought the new Gemini cutting machine, for cards but they say its great for cutting material, so going to have a go at that, and if my husband comes home with nasty germs, I can always chuck him over the garden wall, the sea is directly under it,

  3. liver food of the goods these days food of the skint

  4. I rather like a bit of liver now and again but my husband hates so its not something we have as I can't be bothered to cook twice.

  5. I cook my man liver and onions even though it turns my stomach! We are too good to them!

  6. I like liver and bacon in a rich onion gravy, it has to be lambs liver though. I will not be cutting or sewing anything for a few days, too busy in the garden.

  7. Yuck...liver...that would be punishment enough! x


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