Monday, 9 May 2016

A Summer Skirt For Ruby!!!

All done and dusted apart from laundering and ironing. I do hope Ruby likes it.
There was going to be pom pom trim but I liked the lace better and as it had been in my stash for the best part of six years thought it could do with using. I just prayed there was enough and I scraped through with just under two inches to spare.
Fabric is Rose & Hubble both £5 per metre from Derby Market.
I'd like to make her a little white broderie anglaise crop top edged with the red and white spot to go with it but I may need to find another pattern as the one I have for a crop top is sized for stretch knit.

Today I just need to have a quick tidy round and feed hubby before he goes to work then it will just me for tea so I shall just have a salad.
Not sure if I will be sewing today or if I will be having a fabric sort out to see what I have to go with the patterns I have. I want to try not to buy any more fabric for a while as DD is taking me to a show at the NEC in July and I want to save for that.

The sun is out again today and it is very warm. This is the start of my least favourite time of year. I don't like the heat at all. Time to drag out the fan and the cooling spray.
DD is not impressed with the weather in Spain. They have had torrential rain and I am not sure if they have got to go on the beach

Well I can't get on with much until hubby is out from under my feet so I'll have read of the papers and finish my coffee before I feed him at 11:30.

Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a beautiful skirt. Very summery. I'm sure she'll love it. X

  2. The lace makes the skirt pop! It is lovely and I am sure Ruby will like it.

    So how warm/hot is it where you live right now? I don't like it extremely hot either and the summers here are not only hot but humid. Fortunately nearly everywhere you go here has air conditioning and that makes it easier to handle.

    Enjoy your evening by yourself. It does take getting used to.

  3. Beautiful skirt, I love the fabric and the lace really works. I actually love the warm weather but sadly it is not going to last the forecasters are predicting really cool weather by the end of the week, so that should suit you better.

  4. What a beautiful skirt how could Ruby not love it.

  5. A truly beautiful skirt...what a lucky little girl she is! Looks like lots of thunderstorms across Spain this evening. x

  6. Love the skirt, I wouldn't mind one just like it.


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