Monday, 2 May 2016

Squidging And Smooching!!!

Ruby was really tired when she arrived yesterday morning. I think she is finding this big sister thing a little more exhausting than she thought it would be.
She went out almost as soon as she arrived with Aunty DD for comics, popcorn and sweets and getting back she just wanted to wear Ganma's nighty and squidge and smooch all day so that is what we did. She slept like a log until gone eight this morning unlike me who didn't sleep a was sooooo hot last night.
She woke up full of beans and ate a good breakfast before being delivered home for her day out to the park. Looking at the weather though I don't think that is going to's wet and windy.

I am just going to get a pan of savoury mince simmering on the stove and then I'm going to sort my threads out into some new little baskets I bought from Lakeland. After's sewing time and I will make a start on a skirt for Ruby.
Hope your day is a little drier than it is here.
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  1. It started out dry and then deteriorated quite quickly, typical bank holiday.


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