Sunday, 22 May 2016

A Sew Shop Show!!!

Free, gratis and for nothing.

A daughter spoiling her Momma.

My little spend.
A nice little trip to the patchwork and quilting shop yesterday.
No eight and a half inch square rulers so I went for the twelve inch instead plus a pack of glass headed pins and that was my £20 voucher used.
DD is not a crafter in any way, shape or form but she has a fabulous eye for things she thinks I might like and she treated me to another Bali Pops strip pack and the William Morris layer cake pack. She spoils me rotten.
The Christmas fabric will be a patchwork binding for the quilt and that was my only spend yesterday. Despite that with a balance carried over from my full loyalty card and what DD spent I now have another half full loyalty

This morning I have to nip to Hobbycraft in Derby as I need to find some strong thread to mend a split in our leather sofa. Both sofas need replacing really but they will have to do a while longer yet.

We'll have a later lunch today which I will do when we get back. Roast stuffed chicken breasts with roast potatoes, roast brussels, carrots, leeks in white sauce, stuffing and gravy. Oooooh my tummy is rumbling already.

Blue sky, fluffy white clouds and sunshine here today with a gentle breeze. We were expecting a bad day according to the local weather report but I should know by now that the best way to know what the weather is doing is to look out of the

Okey dokey I shall go and get ready to nip out.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Its been lovely weather here too despite the awful forecast.

  2. We have had mist, bright sun, drizzle, lashing rain, bright sun and marble sized hailstones, not always one at a time. I managed to walk the dogs in the dry and get 2 loads of washing done and line dried. Love the fabric choices, I have had a stitchy sort of day.

  3. Goodness looks like you've been busy while I've been away! Hope your hubby has good results from his scan...always a worry. x

  4. Lovely lovely fabrics X we had roast chicken, jersey royals, mashed carrots, Spring greens, long stemmed broccolli, petit pois and gravy ! It was divine and I have leftovers for lunch tmrw! Yummy!


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