Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Winging It!!!

Cloud Bread
Oh my word......that was the best night's sleep I have had for ages. Actually woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day so I am expecting great things of myself today.....ha, ha, watch, it will all go downhill from here.

For some time I have been seeing mention of Cloud Bread on t'interweb. Apparently virtually carb free it can be says the a replacement for bread in sandwiches and rolls for burgers......and they do look pretty darn cute to boot.
So it had to be done.......I gave them a go and let's just say that that is a little chunk of my Tuesday that I will never get back.My own common sense should have told me that with just three ingredients......eggs, cream cheese and baking powder....that they would not magically transform into something wonderful in the oven and that they definitely did not do.
I will not be making them again.

Today I am having to drag out leftovers from the indoor freezer for our evening meal as I still can't get to the outside freezer where all my meat is. So I have pulled out some leftover savoury mince to which I will add some mixed veg and make into a pie and then I want to make a meal for DS and DDIL so I have a box of Chicken and Leek pie mix which will make a good big pie for them and do them for a couple of days and a small individual pie for Ruby to have for her tea here as she won't eat minced beef with veg in it.
Honestly......the things you have to

The surveyor was pretty disgusted with the scaffolding situation when he came yesterday and was going back to pass on the hot chops he got to the office. I don't think it has bought things forward any as we haven't heard anything.

Just had a phone call from the doctors surgery. The lab machines broke down yesterday and they couldn't process my blood test. I have to fast again today and go in first thing tomorrow to have it all done again. That will be my third fast for this one test. I am verging on hysterical now.

Right....well I had best go and find my shopping bag and go for a trek round to the food store which is normally five or so steps from the back door and I need to fetch some washing from the dryer......washing that could have dried on the line if the lawn wasn't covered in soffits, fascias and guttering which means I can't get to the washing line. I am a woman on the edge at the

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  1. Bless you, when one thing goes wrong you can bet that everything follows suit. Sheila things can only get better. Take care.

  2. You poor thing...having to fast again...though maybe you wouldn't have wanted to eat cloud bread...brings tears it looks like...hope your freezer and washing line are so accessible to you once more. x

  3. Goodness what a carry on. No wonder you are browned off. Incredibly kind of you to make a pie for your son and daughter-in-law, certainly one of the best gifts you can give and I like that you make a little one for Ruby that suits her taste. I never could abide by people who forced children to eat what they didn't like.

    Take care my internet friend and I do hope you soon get your washing line, freezer etc. back.

  4. You are more than welcome to come and use my lines X
    We desperately need the house re roofing but you are making me not want to embark on getting it done!!


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