Saturday, 30 April 2016

Couldn't Resist......!!!

This fabric for Ruby's new skirt.
I love the black combination on the pattern and it would definitely suit her but she doesn't like black. She is very fond of telling me that 'black is not a colour Ganma it's a negative'.
Unfortunately this was not out of the remnant bin on the dressmaking stall so a tad more expensive than I had anticipated.
The furnishing/workwear fabric stall was a total loss for bag remnants so I shall have to see what I have in that is suitable.
Didn't buy much else......some elastic, pink thread and a zip, a sewing book from The Works and two small green glass cake stands from Tiger for summer tea parties and then we moved on to food shopping and finishing up some holiday shopping for DD who is off to the Costa Brava with friends for a few days next weekend.

DD and I have eaten our main meal for today so I only have to cook for hubby tonight and I am not looking forward to it one little bit. He is having smoked haddock which I hate with a passion. My mother used to make me eat it when I was a child. What with that and the pilchard sandwiches........which I used to hide under the's no surprise that I am not a fish lover. Then I go and marry a bloke who loves all those kind of things. He has to tackle his own pilchards though as they just make me gag.

Nothing on tv tonight so I think we will have a Downton session. Luckily hubby likes it to and won't mind watching it. We won't start that until later so first I might rewatch a fantastic programme I found on IPlayer about American Diners. I had it on while doing the binding on Ruby's quilt so didn't watch it properly. It's worth looking at again as I am totally fascinated with them.

We've had rain and by the look of those nasty black clouds there is lots more to come. I expect nothing less on Bank Holiday weekend.

Looking forward to picking Miss Doodle up after breakfast in the morning and having her over night. She will go home after breakfast on Monday ready to go out for the day with London Grandma and Grandad.

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  1. Lovely fabric choices!
    I laughed at the thought off your poor mother wondering where the fishy smell was coming from - under the rug!!!

  2. Lol Rachel....I didn't just hide them.....I squished them so that the rug lay flat on top of them. I just couldn't bear to put them in my mouth even though I knew I would get a thrashing when she found them-x-

  3. Great fabric, will make a beautiful skirt. Have a great evening.

  4. Ruby should look pretty in polka...I'm not much struck by fish either...cod and chips yum, and tinned salmon...but the rest should probably stay in the sea! x


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