Tuesday, 12 April 2016

We Like Simples!!!

As you know DD and I like simple food. Salads and soups, casseroles, anything that can be made from leftovers from the fridge.
Hubby on the other hand is definitely in the camp of meat and two veg or anything he picks up on a leaflet from the supermarket or sees on a tv ad. His latest thing has been to nag me to make the Macaroni Cheese he has been seeing on the Sainsbury ad. Now I have never ever fancied either making it or eating it. I just know it is going to be revolting but being the good wife I am I made it for his lunch today and oh do I like to be proved right. It is absolutely disgusting. I did try a spoonful just to be sure and I think I can safely say I will never make it again.........and the worst thing....he didn't like it either......bloody nuisance.
Next time he starts on about something he's seen on tv I shall become instantly deaf and the next leaflet he brings home will be used to start the fire.
He has gone off to work with a flea in his ear and a very sheepish look on his

DD has gone off to the big town for her opticians appointment and I think she must have got lost. She has been gone for ages. Still at least I have got a few jobs done while she has been out from under my feet. The kitchen and lounge are tidy ready for tea and Downton later and when I switch off the computer shortly I will be getting out the fabric for my trousers to make a start on those.
We enjoyed our salad so much last night that we are having similar again tonight. Tomorrow we may treat ourselves to fish and chips but it just depends if we fancy them when it gets to meal time.

Right I shall go and have a ferret in the fabric box.
Bye for now and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh dear. It's macaroni cheese in our house tonight, although I really need to be eating more salad. X

  2. Macaroni cheese never makes an appearance in our house either, give me a hearty soup/casserole any day.

  3. I chuckled when I read your post "He has gone off to work with a flea in his ear" not a phrase I am likely to hear where I now live. I did a quick google to see what you were perhaps talking about concerning the ad for Sainsbury mac and cheese, is it the one where they suggest that you add horseradish? If so, no wonder it was terrible. Normal bland mac and cheese is what you will find many children love here in America and I made lots of it when my three were growing up and again for the grandchildren. I rather like it.

    Have a nice remainder of the day. xx

  4. I didn't actually use the Sainsbury recipe Sandy. I found one on the internet that proclaimed to be the best ever recipe for Macaroni Cheese. There was no horseradish in it but it was still

  5. Because of you and your DD, I have started rewatching Downtondrom the beginning!
    I'm with you re maceroni cheese! It was one of the first dishes I made in DS at school. My mother went spare, having to buy something so luxurious and strange as macaroni! I heavily over salted the water, woefully over cooked said macaroni and the cheese sauce split!

    I'm much better at it now if I ever make it for Miss 21. Want to know what's worse though? Tinned maceroni cheese. Bleeeeuuurgh!
    Tonight's tea? Sausage casserole int oven. Smelling fine!


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