Friday, 22 April 2016

Another Sad Week & Other Things!!!

It's been another sad week with news of the death of Victoria Wood and now we hear that Prince has died too. He was only fifty three for goodness sake. I was never a fan of his music but you can't deny talent and he certainly had that.
Please, please no more.

The materials have been delivered this morning for work to start on the roofline on Monday. The local magpie has been to check if there is anything he can steal. Strutting up and down the lawn and garden path checking it out from every angle just to be sure. Cocky little devil.

Yesterday was a very productive day on the sewing front. The trousers got finished and my skirt got cut out. All the panels are sewn together and overlocked and I just have to turn the waistband and hem it and that is another piece of clothing for my summer wardrobe. There was loads of fabric left so that will be used for a light summer dress for Ruby so that will be a skirt and a dress made for just under £20. As I can't find skirts in this particular style in the shops I consider this to be a huge bargain.

Out for tea tonight and nothing major to do in the house until tomorrow so more sewing today........well right up until bedtime as hubby and DD will be watching the new Star Wars film when we get back from our meal out which I don't fancy at all.

Ruby will be so excited when she comes out of school today. She will be going straight off to London with Mummy, Daddy and Marlowe to DDIL's family and she will have a day by the sea in Brighton when they visit relatives there. She is not told beforehand as if she knows she will just keep going on and on and on about it until she nearly drives you crackers. Much better to keep it as a surprise.
We have nothing quite so exciting planned. DD is going to make a start on the front garden if the weather is OK. Not sure what hubby has planned but I will be starting a deep clean of the house as I haven't really done any proper spring cleaning yet.

Hope you all have a fab weekend.
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  1. Sounds like you've got your weekend cracked. I guess I'll be doing more unpacking and cleaning up of building dust...yuck! x

  2. I'm with you re Star Wars. I'm just watching Downton ( thanks to you ), it's the one where Lady Sibil goes public with the chauffeur ! Then I'm getting the sewing machine out to do some mending I've been going to do for s fortnight

  3. Not a lot planned here, weather permitting I may have a stroll around the care boot sale. Sounds like Ruby is in for a treat. Such a sad loss of life, too early.

  4. I'm sorry that anyone died as young as Prince (I think it was 57 not 53, but it is still young) but all pop stars sound much the same to me. No one in the pop world these days seems to have a distinctive voice like Elvis had, or Neil Diamond, or Andy Williams even, or the great Frank Sinatra. I'm mainly a classical music fan, I do love some pop, but it tends to stop with Abba. And I love classica guitar music, such as that played by Julian Bream and John Williams, and choral music, Mozart and Beethoven being my favourite composers, but then there's Sibelius (oh, his symphonies are wonderful), and some Wagner (although not all) and Mahler ... but I must cease.
    Margaret P


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