Sunday, 3 April 2016

Lovely Day!!!

Today has been lovely.
Once I had cooked and served dinner I was straight in for cuddles with Marlowe. She is such a good baby. Fast asleep when she got here and DDIL had to wake her for her feed and then straight back to sleep. Not a single cry or murmur but quite a lot of windy noises from her lower end.....cheeky monkey.
Ruby seemed a bit out of sorts......cheeky and bad tempered which is not like her. I expect she is just reacting to not getting all of everyone's attention all of the time as she is used to. She will be fine when she comes for her three day sleepover.
They have gone home now and I am off for a little veg on the sofa. I am quite exhasted now as I have developed another sore ear and throat on one side which I could do without.

Nothing doing on the crafty front tonight as there are two programmes I want to watch on tv.

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  1. Blimey, it's about time you were 100% well again. Many Miss Ruby is coming down with it too which might have added to her mood! Sounds like a gorgeous day. I'm looking forward to ITV's new drama tonight! Bum on sofa. Knitting! One more week to go!

  2. I am giving in too and vegging out on the sofa. Maybe you should get checked out by a doctor there may be an underlying problem for it to last this long. Take care.

  3. There must be something in the water as I'm having a veg out night too. There's a TV programme I want to watch then it's a shower and early night for me. Lovely that you were able to enjoy Marlowe cuddles. Feel better soon. X

  4. Errrm ...does Marlowe take after grandma or grandad the most then?!! Sorry to hear about the ear ache, all those sneaky cold winds I expect, and a drop of sunshine and we think, oh I'll just nip out, no I shan't bother with a coat...done it many a time, n very learn. x


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