Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Very Frugal Soup!!!

Six punnets of baby plum tomatoes (yellow sticker at 4p each), seven cloves of garlic, black pepper and sea salt roasted in the oven. A couple of small onions sauteed. This was all added to a pan of vegetable stock with a squeeze of tomato puree and simmered for a little while before being whizzed up into the smoothest, tastiest tomato soup.
As good as, if not better than anything you can get in a can.
It will be served with slices of toasted baguette topped with melted cheese.

It's not quite so sunny here today but at least it is dry. I managed to get some washing out on the line yesterday and couldn't get enough of the smell of it when it came in. I am almost tempted to go in search of enough to make up a load so I can hang some out today but nah........I'm not quite that I have quite enough to keep me occupied today.

We haven't had a fire lit for a couple of days so the dining room was a little too chilly for me to sit sewing last night. I just have to hem my trousers today and they will be finished and then I am going to make two more pattern pieces for the skirt I want to make. It is a six panel skirt and you only get one pattern piece which for an amateur like me makes it very difficult to lay the pattern out to get the most out of the fabric I am using. I want to have enough left of one of the five metre lengths to run up a dress for Ruby now that I have all of her measurements written down.

Tea today will be lamb with some new potatoes, veg, onion sauce and mint sauce and of course lashings of gravy for the hubby who I am sure would swim in the stuff if he could. DD is the same but I only like a little on my veg. Mint sauce on the other hand I could swim

I can't use the hoover until hubby gets up but there are plenty of jobs to be getting on with. Tidying can be done and the kitchen floor can be mopped. The nice tidy corner of my kitchen has all sorts dumped there again so that will need to be sorted and I need to go and find some kind of sheet or tarpaulin to lay on the back lawn for delivery of all the materials ready for the roofline work to start on Monday next week.

OK......I feel the need for a coffee and then I shall get cracking.
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  1. You don't sound like an amateur sewer to me Mrs! If only they made real magic wands that did sorting and tidying for us. That would be amazing. Enjoy your cuppa. X

  2. I was impressed with your haul of bargain tomatoes, what a great soup. Although the sun is bright here it is still cold, I have just lit the stove. I am a great fan of lamb and mint sauce.


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