Saturday, 2 April 2016

It's Still Tidy!!!

Apart from my handbag which has been dumped on the floor by the side of the grey rack......the dining room is still tidy. Shocking!!!
I had wanted to start on the other two cushion covers I need to make but by the time we had eaten tea, washed up and tidied the kitchen I didn't really feel like doing very much and I don't think much will get done in there until Monday now.

I have a busy day today. My first job which I am putting off for a few minutes while I type this is to clean the cooker. Oh joy....what a lovely way to spend a morning.....I don't think. Then I have baking to do and I want to get all the veg prepped for lunch tomorrow as we have DDIL, Ruby and Marlowe coming for lunch. DS is back at work after his paternity leave and DDIL doesn't want to be on her own so they are coming to us and they will take a plated up meal for DS to have when he gets home.

Monday should be a peaceful day to get the sewing done and then Tuesday my gorgeous Ruby will be back for a three day sleepover and some crafting if the weather is as bad as it is today. She will go home on Friday and then I think hubby is hoping for a peaceful weekend next weekend. It seems a long time since we had one.

Hope your weekend isn't as wet as it is here.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. It started out awful, the weather I mean and just got better and better the sun is shining now. Glad to hear your craft space is still tidy.

  2. Rain has gone here now too MM. A bit of sunshine but it still keeps clouding over-x-

  3. That's a great idea about the castors-it certainly keeps the space flexible if you can move the storage easily. Catriona

  4. It's been a rotten day here. Lots of mundane jobs done in the house. At least you will have a nice sparkly oven for all your efforts. X

  5. Oh, I love your comment that while the washing is swishing away you will run up two cushion covers! I'm no needlewoman and it would take me forever to make two cushion covers! But there again, horses for courses. Last week I wrote a quick piece for the local paper, after lunch and before Escape to the Country came on a 3 pm! I said to husband, "My efforts are a bit like Ernie Wise and 'the plays wot he wrote'!" Churning them out, one after the other! So I admire you being able to run up cushion covers so quickly!
    I enjoyed the first part of The Durrells, too, but what a frenetic bunch they are. And while we know what happened to Gerald (he had a zoo) and Lawrence (be became a writer), what about the other two, the lad who was taking pot shots at everything, and the weird daughter?
    Margaret P

  6. Believe me Margaret they are very simple envelope back cushion covers....nothing complicated here.
    Thanks for your visit-x-


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