Friday, 15 April 2016

Smashing Day So Far!!!

Up later than usual and been out for my lovely lunch at The Cherry Tree. I had one of my favourite meals....the crispy chicken combo which is actually chicken parmegiana (with the addition of completely superfluous breaded garlic mushrooms) with a gorgeous napolitana sauce. I admit that I was torn between that and the carvery but chicken usually wins for me.
We are back home now after a quick trip into the big town to pick up a couple of bits we needed and DD has just made me a lovely cuppa. A walk somewhere would have been nice but it is so cold and wet out there that we decided against it.
Just waiting for a visit from my gorgeous girl and DS later on. I won't see Marlowe as she is being shown off to DDIL's work friends today.
Once the visitors have left I shall be finishing off the trousers I started yesterday which are working out really well and then while all the stuff is out for them I will make the other pair.

I do love a lazy day with my family at home.
Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Happy Birthday! you share it with our niece and a friend. My 61st tomorrow!

  2. Many Happy Returns Of The Day, sounds like a good one so far.


  3. It's also my birthday today, Many Happy Returns

  4. Its Mr Bah Humbugs birthday today , as he always says just ignore it, we did !! At 3pm driving back from Grimsby he chimes up with "its my birthday today isnt it?" Hes just found up hes going to the Chinese


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