Friday, 29 April 2016

Confused Dot Com!!!

The bright sunshine this morning doesn't make the scaffolding look any
Poor Smudge is totally confused by the fact that he can't go out of the back door for his wee. He can't squeeze his fat bottom through the six inch gap. Normally he isn't allowed in the front garden and here we are having to coax him out of the front door. By this time next week that will be his norm and it'll be time to use the back door again.

Miss Marlowe is bringing her Mummy for lunch today. Just a simple lunch of sandwiches and scones so that nothing can spoil if they get here and Marlowe needs feeding/changing/cuddling. Hopefully her cheeky, gorgeous little face will cheer her Ganma up. Not sure if we are having Ruby for a sleepover this weekend as DDIL's family are coming up to stay for a couple of days. Might have to change it to next weekend.

Managed to get both of the bag patterns cut out yesterday. One was a doddle with only three pieces but the other one seemed like hundreds. Not too bad though as they were mostly just rectangles and squares. I just need to decide on the fabric now but I don't think I'll get much time to do that today.

The weather was so foul last night that DD and I decided against going out and opted for lighting the fire and popping a pizza in the oven and then we slobbed on the sofa to watch Downton.

No major housework today as I really can't be bothered so just a quick tidy and a spin round with the hoover before my visitors arrive and that will have to do.

DD and I are off out to Derby tomorrow either with or without Ruby. I need to buy zips and I will most likely be looking at the remnant bins for bag fabrics. We will also have lunch out. If we are in Derby then noodles from our favourite place just has to be

I had best go and put some eggs on to boil for DDIL's favourite sandwiches and I suppose I ought to get myself some breakfast.
Hope the coming weekend is fab for you all.
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  1. Enjoy your cuddle with Marlowe. Hope you get lucky in the remnant bin tomorrow. Take care.

  2. I love egg sandwiches. NOM. I've pegged out a few bits in the freezing cold sunshine today and done a lot of Jobs That Needed Doing.


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