Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Morning With Miss Marlowe!!!

Sorry......I'm a bit late blogging today. I have been quite distracted by the beautiful Marlowe who came with Mummy for breakfast at Ganma's house after dropping Miss Doodle off at school.
It's been a wonderful morning of cuddles with Marlowe and chatting with DDIL. We need to do it more often.

Lovely sunny day today but obviously I have not done a single job around the house......why would you bother when there is a tiny baby to Although I have just washed the breakfast pots and tidied the kitchen now my visitors have gone.

I managed to cut out another pair of trousers last night and will be sewing them up shortly. I will have to use the too big trousers to make a smaller pair for Ruby as I have discovered that they would be a little short for me as well as too big. The pattern has been altered to make them smaller and longer so with a bit of luck this new pair should turn out fine. Hopefully they will be finished today and tonight I will cut a skirt from one of the five metre lengths using my favourite pattern. It is the only skirt that suits me being fitted from the waist to just above the knee and then flaring out. With the right fabric it makes a beautiful swishy skirt for summer. I still have one I made over twenty years ago and it still gets worn every summer. Just last year I had to replace the elastic in the waist and I gave it a check over for split seams and wear but it was as good as new. I think it cost me £8 to make all that time ago.

DDIL took photos of Ruby in her Amelia Earheart outfit this morning....she looked awesome and I wish I could share a pic with you but due to the nature of her parents jobs I can't unfortunately.

Well I have a little while before I have to get the evening meal as DD has to go nto the big town to collect her new glasses and will be later home. I think I'll get the machine out and start sewing.
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  1. I don't blame you for leaving the washing up! I e been outside for most of the day! In fact I'm still outside now!!!

  2. How wonderful to spend the day snuggling Marlowe, I am excited as Wilbur and Hector are visiting at the weekend.


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