Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Brrrrrrrrrrr......It's Cold!!!

Two more cushions
Goodness is cold this morning. It looks like it might brighten up later but I don't know if it will get warmer.

Yesterday I actually stuck to my plan and got the last two cushions made so the stash in the corner has got very slightly
From cutting out to finishing the two took about an hour as they are only simple envelope backs. With these latest cushions I have started overcasting the inside seams so that there should be no fraying when they are washed. I have an overcasting foot in the set of thirty feet I got from Amazon and it makes the most fabulous job of neatening everything up.

Today my gorgeous Ruby arrives for her three night stay and I can't wait. With a lot of attention of the new arrival I think she is feeling a little left out so some crafting and snuggling with ganma should see her right.
Tonight she is going to the cinema with DD for a treat to see something called Zootropolis. I am passing on that

Teas for the next three nights are all planned with Ruby in mind as to what she will and won't eat so tonight it is fish and salad as she loves that. I went out last night to stock up on fruit, veg and salad as we had got through most of what I got last week. A few treats for Ruby also dropped into my trolley in the shape of colouring books and a new drawing book......and the obligatory popcorn which is a must for what she calls Ganma Club.

I have something exciting to look forward to in a couple of weeks.......hubby is taking me to the British Quilt & Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Racecourse. I'd asked him if he minded taking me and dropping me off but he said he would stay and find somewhere to sit and have a coffee just in case I needed I did laugh though when I looked it up online. They have what's called a man's circle......sort of like a creche for husbands. How cool is that?

Well I have a bit of tidying and one more laundry load to do before the princess arrives and I must also prepare to turn into my alter ego.......Miss Honey......the teacher from the film Matilda. Ruby loves doing sums and spelling so we have to sit at the table and pretend to be at school. I suppose I should be glad she doesn't call me Miss

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  1. Aren't Grandchildren the best? I find I have much more patience and time to really connect with them that I never had with my own children. We have Granny club too with popcorn and DVDs.

  2. Yes MM Grandchildren are the absolute bees knees.
    It's the best job I ever had-x-

  3. Dear Sheila:

    I love your happy upbeat post today. Your cushions are fabulous. Have you always been able to sew with such skill?

    Indeed that is truly wonderful of your husband taking and staying with you at the British Quilt & Stitch Village at Uttoxeter. He must be a very thoughtful man.

    Yes agree, Grandma is the best occupation I ever had. Enjoy your time with little Ruby.


  4. Awww Sandy, I'm glad you like my post today. Nothing makes me happier than a visit from my Miss Doodle and it seems she is very happy to be here.....she hasn't stopped singing since arriving just after 3pm.
    Yes my hubby is indeed a very kind and thoughtful man. I don't know what I did to deserve him really.
    I've always done sewing in some form or another. Totally self taught so I'm not sure how much actual skill I have. A pile of fabric and a sewing machine just make me very happy indeed as long as the end result is wearable or usable-x-

  5. Sheila did you ever get to see the British Legion poppy quilt? One of my sisters did a small piece of it. Feeling rather envious of your forthcoming trip out. Have a lovely few days with Ruby...lots of snuggling. Bliss. x


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