Thursday, 14 April 2016

Yooo Hooooooo!!!

Phew.....I am back from my shopping trip and I am absolutely crackered.
It was a good trip and I came home with bargains as I managed to hit the clothes shop just as they were having a 20% off sale price event. Everything that was half price in the sale was a further 20% off. I came back with two summer nightdresses....full price but two for £18, two beautiful pairs of leggings for the sale, two grey asymetric hem t the sale and one different style.....full price, a camisole top to wear under a lace top I already have.....full price and a bra....full price. The whole lot came to under £80 so I was very pleased indeed.
The market furnished me with two five metre lengths of fabric to be made up into either summer skirts, trousers or dresses and a two metre length of gorgeous pink fabric for a dress for Ruby Doodle with maybe a little left over for a dress for dolly.
I went into The Works in the hope of finding some bits and bobs but it was in such a mess that I couldn't be bothered to look so only came out with an A4 cutting mat that I needed.
So glad that we went to Derby instead of Stoke now.

It's gone quite chilly here now that the effects of the heating in the shopping centre have worn off so DD has lit the fire and she is having a reading session while I am about to start sewing the trousers I have cut out and pinned.
As we had lunch out we are just having a scone and a cuppa by the fire while we watch a bit more Downton.

I'll be out again tomorrow as hubby has booked the day off work for my birthday and he's taking us out for lunch. A whole day with two of my favourite people will be lovely and hopefully I will get to see Doodle at some point after school for a birthday kiss and cuddle.

Off to get on with my sewing.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Good trip sounds like...sewing must be good! Hope you have a fabulouso birthday tomorrow. Up to our ear holes in dust and paint here and at the cottage. The final push before the big day on Monday when the carpet gets laid. Hubby's birthday on Wednesday so would be good to be on our new bedroom by then! Have fun fun fun. x

  2. So pleased that you have had such a nice day and great success with shopping. Tea by the fire sounds a good way to end your day. Look forward to hearing about your birthday lunch.

  3. Sounds like a great day with some serious shopping. Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXX Fab new wardrobe! Have a glorious day! At least you are not cooking some foul concoction for hubby's lunch today!!!


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