Thursday, 28 April 2016

Stocking Up For Future Projects!!!

Like most people I do like to take advantage of special offers if they are things that I would normally buy. Sewing patterns can be pretty pricey but I have found that there are regular offers on them. At the moment I have found half price offers on Simplicity and Vogue at Minerva Crafts so I got an order in and this is what has arrived at Tea Towel Towers.
Skirts, dresses and tops for Miss Doodle, two patterns for pyjama pants which I shall use to make loose cotton trousers for her for summer and some warmer heavier ones for winter, I love bags so added a couple of patterns in the hope that I can make some using the £1 remnants I get from Derby market. Lots of projects to keep me going and use up some fabric stash.

Today I am beyond annoyed and have used more bad language....albeit in my head......than I have ever used before.
The saga of the roofline work continues and the scaffolders arrived to do their bit this morning after us being told it would be this afternoon. I had to reschedule my blood tests to next week which was very annoying as I had fasted for them.
The scaffolding has been set up in such a way that I have no access or egress via the back door. I can't get into the shed where my second freezer is and to use the tumble dryer or hang out any washing I will have to go out of the front door, up the road, down a side road and back down the back of our row of houses. The same for fetching in coal and taking out the rubbish unless I get hubby to move the bins to the front garden for the duration.
Because we are now having two phases of the job done in one we have to wait for the surveyor to come out on Tuesday to do the measuring for the dormer and then work will start on Friday next week. How's that for bloody rubbish planning? I have told them what I think in no uncertain terms as I think that being left with the back access blocked off for so long is a safety issue as well as an inconvenience. I am stressed beyond belief and am hoping that they can come up with a solution to get the work done quicker..... I am not holding my breath.
I think DD and I will get away from it for an hour tonight and go out for tea. Extravagant I know but I don't give a Tinkers Cuss today.

Ah well not much can be done so I think I will sort out some fabric and see what I have for making bags, cut out the patterns and perhaps make a start on one today.
Thanks for dropping by to read my horrible moany post.


  1. How blooming frustrating for you. Take a deep breath and relax with some sewing. The patterns are great, I just wish I knew how to sew. Enjoy your meal out. X

  2. Dear Sheila:

    No wonder you want to swear with the back door entrance blocked. Will it stay that way until the project is completed? I would have been very peeved to have to cancel the blood fasting test.

    I must tell you that I did chuckle when you wrote "I think DD and I will get away from it for an hour tonight and go out for tea. Extravagant I know but I don't give a Tinkers Cuss today" The only swear words I ever heard growing up was "bloody hell" - interesting isn't it how different parts of the country swear.

    Agree enjoy your meal out. Hugsxx


  3. Oh bloody hell what a nightmare! I've a few bag patterns to go at but I'm going to make a hexy one I think first! When I finish the HG jumper lol

  4. What a drama, I can understand how cross you are, at the end of the day you are the one paying the bill so it should all be on your terms. It never is I know!!! Enjoy your treat out and have a wonderful meal.


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