Saturday, 9 April 2016

Taking A Chill Pill Today!!!

We've seemed to have had quite a few busy weekends so hubby has requested a quiet weekend with no visitors and no going out apart from him going out to put our bets on the Grand National. It's the only time we have a flutter on horse races unless hubby is given a day at the races for a gift. We'll never break the bookies but we love the excitement of sitting down to watch the race together.

All I have to do today is bake a cake to do us for the weekend and make a black pepper sauce for hubby who is having a steak for his tea. DD and I are having a stir fry.
For the rest of the day I may well work on one of the quilts that needs layering, quilting and binding. I shall see what I feel like.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


  1. It does you good to chill out now and then. We try to do that occasionally and it is lovely to just potter about doing not very much.

  2. Hope your peaceful day went more to plan than my last attempt! x

  3. Hope you had some luck on the Grand National.

  4. I hope you managed a relaxing day. Sometimes you just need to recharge and catch up. X


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