Thursday, 7 April 2016

It's All Go!!!

With Miss Doodle in the house there is hardly time for a quiet minute. I am sneaking one now while she has some quiet time watching a film.
We are having such fun doing things together but the cleaning materials and the hoover are going to be earning their keep when she goes home The floors in every room are covered in glitter from her Elsa costume, the dining room table is awash with colouring books, drawing paper, crayons and pencils and there are sticky fingerprints on every surface. Not important really when you consider that she has filled the house with singing and laughter ever since she arrived on Tuesday. I will miss that so much when she goes.
I chose the menu well for her visit. She has eaten everything that has been put in front of her with no trouble at all and is excited about having chicken wraps for tea tonight. She is even eating her fruit so she gets a gold star for that.
Last night we watched a film snuggled under the quilts. Halfway through she said 'ganma....I think I will take a little nap' she promptly fell fast asleep and I had to wake her up to go to bed. So cute.
Today I have had to do some chores and bad ganma that I am I resorted to letting her watch some of the childrens stuff on You Tube that she loves so much and this evening we will be recreating one of her favourite things......The Pizza Challenge. We are doing a sweet pizza challenge for desert where she and DD have to pick a number to get the toppings for their pizzas. They both start off with chocolate spread and then all of the toppings are different kinds of sweet things. No nasty surprises as on the ones on You Tube. I just think it's cruel.
So that has been us over the last couple of days. Busy, happy, laughing, hugging and kissing. No outdoor adventures because of the rain but hey ho we don't mind.

Thanks for your visit.



  1. I think someone is going to be very tired tomorrow, not necessarily Ruby! x

  2. That's so lovely. Just how it should be. I bet she's had a wonderful time with you. As for the mess, that's my house every day! X

  3. Youre so lucky, i have just my 7 year old grandson who is a real lad , he has no interest in anything creative or crafty . just mud, bugs and spanners

  4. Sounds idyllic, you have certainly earned a good rest over the weekend.

  5. There'd be something very sad if you had a tidy house after a three day stay! It's all worth it!


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