Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Ruby's Picnic Quilt!!!

It's finished at last........and I love it. I think Ruby will too. Even at just six years old she loves it when Ganma makes things especially for her.
This quilt was totally worked around the fabric with the large black and white checks and cherries as this was a dress that her Mummy and Daddy bought back from their first trip to New York together when Ruby was just a toddler. The ladybird and tiny hearts fabric were a purchase from the local patchwork shop and I already had the black and white gingham.
I just went with a simple five inch square to maximise what I could get out of the dress and I just scraped through.
Forty four inches square......big enough for snuggles and to use as a picnic blanket for Ruby and Marlowe.
I'm just going to give it a gentle wash now to remove all the fluffy bits and then it will be gifted to Ruby when she comes for tea this afternoon.

The quilt was a good job to choose yesterday. Snuggled up in the dining room watching the mad weather. After a sunny start we had lots of dark cloud for the rest of the day and then at about four thirty it started raining a bit, then thrashing it down along with some pretty scary claps of thunder. Next to come was the hail stones followed by snow. All this in less than an hour and then by the time we were having tea it was back to bright sunshine. Crazy.

Hubby and I are roundly cursing both the people who built this house and the people who lived in it before we did. The access problems have added a whopping nine hundred and odd pounds to the cost of the roofline work. I hope to God nothing else crops up as we are just about at our limit with that addition so bang go my new carpets for the moment. They are coming to put up the scaffolding tomorrow or Friday and then we have to wait until after the Bank Holiday for work to start.

Not sure what I am doing for tea tonight. We had planned on grilled basil flavoured Haloumi on a bed of salad with a Mediterannean Tomato Relish but we usually eat after dropping Ruby off and doing the top up shop which makes it quite late. I can't eat late today as I have to fast for my blood tests tomorrow. I think we'll have beans on toast or something and eat at the same time as Ruby and save the Haloumi for tomorrow.

Right......washing machine on then a cup of coffee before I do a bit of tidying ready for my little Doodle to visit. Hoping for a quick cuddle with Marlowe today too.

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  1. I love the fabrics for the quilt and how wonderful to sew memories into it. My daughter is just in the process of making a quilt from all the old baby clothing, such a wonderful idea. The weather here is much the same, crazy!

  2. That is delightful, such a lovely pattern, colours and materials. I still have a quilt that my dear (late) mother made for our younger son when he was six (he's almost 43) and I still love it.
    Margaret P

  3. A really beautiful quilt. She'll love it. Enjoy your evening. X

  4. Lovely quilt...I'm sure Ruby and Marlowe will have lots of happy times on it. Good luck tomorrow. x

  5. The quilt is beautiful - almost too nice to lay on the ground!!


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