Monday, 25 April 2016

Today I Am Thankful For.........!!!

.........the fact that I am not someone who has to work outside. The guys have turned up to do our roofline work this morning and the weather is not at all good. It is very wet and quite cold.
They have had their first cuppa so let's see how many teabags we get through today.

My back and hip are much better today. Good job as I have some laundry to do and the kitchen floor needs yet another mop although that can wait until hubby has gone to work and then it might stay clean for a few hours.

In between jobs I am hoping to finish the hand tying on the quilt then it will just be a matter of adding the binding and it will be another project finished. I hope Ruby likes it.

Poor old DD will likely have been out in this rain for at least some part of the day so our choice for tea isn't such a good one.....oven baked Greek style soft cheese with a tomato and paprika dip on a bed of salad. Maybe I will leave any prep I was going to do and see what she feels like when she comes in.

Oh OK....why am I not surprised? The workmen have discovered a problem with doing the work access problem that the surveyor should have spotted and didn't. We now have to wait for someone to get back to us regarding scaffolding.......and it's cost. Bloody hell.....nothing is ever straight forward. Hubby is going to be a bit miffed when he gets back from town.

I think I'll have a nice cup of coffee and a read of the paper while the washing is swishing around then.

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